Carved brick relief mural of a steam locomotive installed in 2006 at a the Lutz branch of the Hillsborough County Library, Florida. The work reflects the community's origin as Lutz Junction, a turn-of-the-century railway depot.

13 feet by 7 feet

Commissioned by the
Hillsborough County Public Art Committee.

Cost $25,000.

  Partin carves the brick while its wet in his studio in Endicott, Nebraska (above). When the carving is complete, he numbers the individual bricks and fires them in a kiln; then transports them to the site of the installation for reassembling.

The Lutz Locomotion mural appears nearly free-standing on the library wall, which is a few hundred feet from a replica of the 1912 depot building. The figures standing in front of engine are the conductor and coal man.


Here is a St. Petersburg Times story about Partin's work on the sculpture.