The Undergreen House:
Architecture that Blends with its Natural Environment

The undergreen house is in concert with its natural surroundings, providing affordable, energy-efficient housing. The unque design works with Earth to help maintain a comfortable, even temperature indoors.

The undergreen house is energy efficient because it is protected by earthen terraces, so the house is effectively underground. The terraces also provide raised beds for gardens. Rooms can open onto the upper terraces, making the garden plateaus part of the living experience.

Undergreen House
Strong construction

Curved metal beams creates a vaulted arch, one of the strongest and most protective of all building forms.

Light streams into the space through vertical windows, creating a bright, voluminous environment.
The clerestory windows bounce light into the parabolic interior, scattering light throughout the space below.

Inspired by church designs, the windows solve a main problem with underground structures: natural light.
Natural light

Second-floor mezzanines (shown in the fly-through at right) offer interior space for bedrooms, bathrooms, and media rooms that are open, organic spaces.

Undergreen house
Climate control is built into the undergreen house because it is erected on grade and covered with earth. The earth is of varying compositions to control groundwater percolation. The terraces cover septic tanks and earth tubes as well as providing climate control.

The earth terraces provide climate control because the temperature of any underground space is the median temperature of its above-ground location. For example, an underground structure in Alamosa, Colorado, where temperatures vary from 100 to 40 degrees, remains at a nearly constant 44 degrees. This nearly constant median temperature allows the most efficient use of energy to maintain a comfortable living environment.

The undergreen house is a prefab steel or glulam wood structure. The basic structure can be erected very quickly and economically, providing immediate shelter while remaining construction continues.

Basic costs are as low as $50 per square foot.

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Interior construction
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